About the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Impacts Group

The Devon, Cornwall, and Isles of Scilly (DCIoS) Climate Impacts Group (CIG), currently chaired by the Environment Agency, was formed in 2019 by the DCIoS Local Resilience Forum in response to declarations of climate emergency across the three areas.

The role of the DCIoS CIG is to work collaboratively with the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly climate emergency projects operating in each of the three localities to use its expertise to help:

  • to coordinate and oversee the delivery of regional action on adaptation, aligning with action on climate mitigation wherever possible.
  • prepare communities and organisations for the necessary adaptations to infrastructure, services and behaviours that will be required to respond to the effects of a changing climate.
  • improve the resilience of public health, the natural environment, our economy and infrastructure to the effects of climate change now and in the future.

DCIoS Adaptation Strategy

The DCIoS CIG have worked with engineering and environmental consultants RSK to produce the strategic-level DCIoS Climate Adaptation Strategy. The Strategy includes:

  • The Risk Register, which identifies regional climate impacts and their risks and opportunities
  • An Adaptation Plan, which sets out the conditions for everyone to act on adapting to climate change together
  • An Action Plan, which sets out the priority actions for regional collaboration over the next five years

Please see the homepage for more information.

Current Members