Adaptation Strategy Consultation Report

A public consultation was held on the draft version of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (DCIoS) Climate Adaptation Strategy from 9th May to 30th June 2023. The draft Strategy was produced by a group of organisations called the DCIoS Climate Impacts Group (CIG).

Following this consultation, proposed amendments were considered and added to the final version of the DCIoS Climate Adaptation Strategy before its publication later in 2023.

You can read the finalised DCIoS Climate Adaptation Strategy here.

Findings – In Brief

214 responses were received from 188 individuals and 26 organisations

80% percent either “support the strategy” or “support some parts of the strategy but not others”

76% are concerned about climate change, and 69% have felt the effects of climate change already

Key feedback:

  • Respondents recognise that immediate action on climate change and adaptation is needed, and that the Strategy is comprehensive and evidence-based.
  • There were some concerns which recurred about the resources to deliver the strategy, as well as monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and enforcement.
  • A number of respondents would like to see greater quantification of costs and clearer timelines.
  • More information needs to be added about particular climate change risks and opportunities.
  • Respondents would like to see the Strategy presented in a way which is clearer to navigate and easier to find the elements relevant to them.
  • Concerns were also raised about the evaluation metrics to be used to track progress against the Strategy and the need to include qualitative as well as quantitative measures.
  • The need for more explicit connections to be made between work being done nationally and regional priorities came through in responses.

Watch the webinar

for more detail about the Strategy and consultation.