Adaptation Strategy

This is the post consultation Climate Adaptation Strategy of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Impacts Group – it details the risks the region might face in future as climate change increasingly affects the UK and identifies how we can adapt to these changes.

2.1 Overview

A climate change risk and opportunity assessment (CCRA) was co-developed with the CIG for the DCIoS region. This built upon an initial CCRA that had been prepared by the CIG. The CCRA considered the broad impacts expected within the region from a changing climate. The regional CCRA did not intend to replicate or replace CCRA’s being developed at the county-level, which are more detailed and site-specific.

2.1.1 Approach

2.2.3  Infrastructure

2.2.4  Health and the built environment

2.2.5  Business and industry

2.2.6  Cross-cutting (including international dimensions)