Adaptation Strategy

This is the post consultation Climate Adaptation Strategy of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Impacts Group – it details the risks the region might face in future as climate change increasingly affects the UK and identifies how we can adapt to these changes.

The purpose of the strategic-level adaptation plan is to set out how the DCIoS region can create the conditions and capacity for everyone to adapt to climate change together over the next five years.

The adaptation plan considers four levels of adaptation planning and action, relating to different parts of society, shown in Figure 3. These are policy/regulator-level, organisational-level, community-level, and individual-level actors and actions. This strategy document primarily focuses on the top two levels, it does recognise the role of communities in response, capacity building and resilience action planning.

Figure 3. Four spheres of adaptation planning and action considered in the adaptation plan.

3.2 Strategic-level adaptation options

3.2.1 Natural environment (including agriculture, forestry, and fisheries)

3.2.2 Infrastructure

3.2.3 Health and the built environment

3.2.4 Business and industry

3.2.5 Cross-cutting (including international dimensions)

3.3 Case studies of adaptation action

3.3.1 Case Study 1: Extreme rainfall and flooding

3.3.2 Case Study 2: Drought and water scarcity

3.3.3 Case Study 3: Extreme heat and heatwaves

3.3.4 Case Study 4: Sea level rise and erosion

3.4 Guidance for adaptation planning

3.4.1 Roles and responsibilities

3.4.2 Signposting to useful information and resources

3.5 Governance of the adaptation plan

3.5.1 Ownership

3.5.2 Management

3.5.3 Control

3.5.4 Resources

3.6 Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation action

3.6.1 Types of monitoring

3.6.2 Example Metrics