Read the Devon Carbon Plan

Creating a resilient, net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive!

The Devon Climate Emergency (DCE) Response Group invited an independent Net-Zero Task Force to create the Devon Carbon Plan. Through this Plan, DCE partners have agreed to work to reduce Devon’s emissions to net-zero by 2050 at the latest, with a reduction of 50% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels. 

Read the Devon Carbon Plan: 

  • Quick Reads (scroll down) – an ideal starting point for anyone who wants an overview of the Plan, with actions individuals, communities, organisations and local policy makers can take to create a resilient, net-zero carbon Devon. 
  • Summary version – shorter than the full document and provides details about the key parts of the Plan. Local policy makers who want to know how the Devon Carbon Plan can influence their work would benefit from this version. 
  • Full Devon Carbon Plan all the background information, research and detail regarding how Devon can become net-zero across five intersecting themes. This version is best suited to anyone looking to learn about the full scope of the climate emergency in Devon, and how Devon will tackle this. 

Devon Carbon Plan – Quick Reads